What is Farm By The Lake?


A 501C3 Private Non-Profit

For the most part, it is funded by individual donations, cabin rentals, fundraisers, and grants.

Farm By The Lake is run by a Board of Directors & Caretakers

Established in 1983 by Bagley native, Richard C. Davids.

Richard was a naturalist and author who devoted his life to traveling, teaching, and learning. 

In the early 1980’s Richard was aware of his pending death, having never married and no children, he decided to dedicate The Farm By The Lake to the community.

Our Vision

Vision:  Our vision comes from founder, Richard C. Davids who wanted The Farm by the Lake to be a place where:

-People find renewal with the land, one another, and their Creator. 

-A place for people to learn and grow; both in knowledge and self-awareness. 

-A place where community can gather to enrich existing connections or make new ones.

Our Mission

The mission of The Farm By The Lake is to be a natural retreat that offers visitors the opportunity to increase their understanding of themselves, their spirituality, their community, and their connection to the environment.

Community Engagement

Farm By The Lake is "all in" for providing community events at little or no cost to participants.   With the help of grants, corporate sponsors, and people like yourself donating what they can we can make quality family entertainment and community involvement accessible to everyone.